Emily Balch Seminars Course Scheduler
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To review information about Emily Balch Seminars offered this fall (titles, times, days and instructors), look at "List Courses."

For more detailed descriptions, refer to the Emily Balch Seminars Web site .

To select the three Emily Balch Seminars you would be interested in taking, select "Choose three Emily Balch Seminars (BMC)" from the menu on the left. Enter your name, email address, ID number and your three preferences. Finally, click on "Enter." NOTE: Don't enter anything in the box labeled "College Code."

You can find your seven-digit ID number on the top of your Virtual Bryn Mawr page.

Note: To choose one of the sections of "Performance and Self," "Reading Culture," or "The Journey: Act and Metaphor,"" select the section at the time you prefer. Do not select both sections of the same course.

To keep a record of the three courses you selected, please return to the selection screen by using the "back" button on your server, then print out the page for your own records.

If you have problems making your course selection, please contact the Emily Balch Seminar Program at ghemmete@brynmawr.edu or bthompson@brynmawr.edu. To reach the Dean's Office, contact welcomebmc@brynmawr.edu

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