Challenging Sample Problem

This sample problems requires application of a combination of concepts. Each application is straightforward, but determining the order may not be as simple. Test yourself by following each step described below. Click on the [info] for a detailed description of each step.

The Berliner Lecture Room (PSB 180) at Bryn Mawr College is approximately 42.8 feet long by 26.3 feet wide by 11.6 feet tall. This room is filled with cubic blocks. Each block is 0.75 cm/side and has a mass of 15 grams. The room is filled with blocks. What would be the total mass of the blocks required to fill the room (assume partial blocks may be obtained).

  1. Read the problem twice. On the first pass, note the general concepts needed to find the answer. On the second pass note the details. [info]

  2. Write down the information given in the problem. [info]

  3. Find additional information. [info]

  4. Set up the solution--check units. [info]

  5. Solve [info]

  6. Check the answer--Does it make sense [info]

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