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Dimensional Analysis

Quiz 1

Help yourself learn:
Ion name from structural formula

Dimensional Analysis

Atomic Mass & Moles Quiz 2
Help yourself learn:
Structural formula from ion name
 Limiting Reagents
Stoichiometry Practice Problems Quiz 3
Help yourself learn:
The Groups of the Periodic Table

(Takes a while to load!)
Calculations with Solutions
Solution Stoichiometry Practice Problems Quiz 4
Help yourself learn:
The Elements of the Periodic Table

(Takes a while to load!)
Thermochemistry calculations
More Solution Stoichiometry Practice Problems

Quiz 5

Skills Checklist:
Lewis Structures(in-class)

Thermochemistry Practice Problems

Quiz 6
Help Yourself Learn:
Oxidation Numbers
Gas Laws I (in-class) Quantum Mechanics Quiz 7
Help Yourself Learn:
Qauntum Numbers and Orbitals
Gas Laws II (in-class)  
VSEPR Theory
Molecular Shape

Converting Among Concentration Units

Colligative Properties



Liquids and Solids



Review for Final




Key Concepts

o Chapter 1         o Chapter 2 o Chapter 3           o Chapter 4         o Chapter 6
o Chapter 7 o Chapter 8 o Chapter 9 o Chapter 10 o Chapter 5    
o Chapter 12 o Chapter 13                

Lecture Material

o Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes o Solubility Rules o Assigning Oxidation Numbers       o Oxidizing and Reducing Agents
o Electromagnetic Spectrum o

Electromagnetic Spectrum
emphasizing visible light

o Drawing Lewis Structure o Kinetic Theory of Gases (postulates)
o Phase Diagrams o Solutions/Colligative Properties

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