Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry 212
General Information for Semester II, Spring 2015
Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Ph.D.

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Texts and supplies:

  • Bryn Mawr College Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manual Spring 2015 (online).
  • Laboratory Goggles
  • Nitrile Laboratory Gloves
  • Laboratory Notebook (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.)
  • (all of above available in the bookstore)


All students should obtain an e-mail account at the computer center. Periodically, vital information will be sent via e-mail using Moodle..

The following information is very important and should be carefully noted by each student.


Laboratories will be held according to the schedule given on this web site.


Lab lectures are on Monday 8 AM in room 25 and 1 PM Tuesday in room 25


It is expected that all students will attend all Chem 212 laboratory sessions and lectures on time. Prompt, regular attendance is mandatory. It is also expected that all students will be able to stay for each laboratory period in its entirety. Make-up labs will be permitted only in extreme circumstances.


Basis for Grading:


Lab Reports (nothing dropped this semester)


Synthesis project and associated assignments


Lab  Quizes (week of 2/23 and 4/21) Administered through library, due by following Sunday.


Laboratory Technique


Laboratory Note Book (very seriously evaluated!)

PLEASE NOTE: While the figures above represent the breakdown of the laboratory grade, the laboratory grade will constitute 30% of the composite lecture/lab final grade. The lecture grade will constitute the other 70%.


Supplemental materials such as exam answers, practice problems, spectra and reserve materials on Moodle. There is a link to this website on Moodle.


In accordance with the BMC Honor Code, all individual laboratory reports must be written independently. While you are encouraged to ask for basic guidance from your instructors and peers, group work while writing the reports or study of "old" lab reports is not acceptable.


Similar rules as above apply to taking laboratory exams. Quizess must be taken independently, without consulting peers or course materials.   Exams may not be taken earlier than the dates scheduled.
Possession of "old" exams or tests other than those provided by the instructor is unacceptable. 
Likewise, it is not acceptable to obtain information about past exams.


Afternoon labs will only run until 5:15 pm for experimental work and 5:30 pm for cleanup.  If you need extra time you may come back on another afternoon.


Laboratory work is not permitted on the weekends.


Beyond the free extension given in the lab manual, all other extensions require the joint approval of a dean and Dr. Nerz-Stormes.

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