General Information about
Chem 211 Lecture Fall 2017
Text: Organic Chemistry, Sixth Edition by Loudon and Parise
ISBN: 978-1-936221-34-9
Any Molecular Model Set for Organic Chemistry. Good possibilities are in Molymod Molecular Kit or Prentce Hall Molecular Model Kit or Set For Organic Chemistry

Note: The solutions manual for this text is very good and very useful to students. Molecular models are also good to have though not necessary for everyone. With these latter two resources, you might consider sharing them with one or two other students. I know these materials are expensive.

The following information is very important and should be carefully noted by each student.


Class Meetings: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Wednesday December 13, 2017
Problem Session: M, W, F 10-11 AM (Park 180)
2:00 PM (Park 180)

It is required that you attend all class meetings. Lectures are not taped, although audio visual materials, including IPad notes, are available on Moodle page and on my YouTube Channel.


Basis for Grading:
Two, one hour, in-class exams 30%
One self-scheduled exam (mid-term administered by library) 18%
Approximately 8 , ten-fifteen minute quizzes, in class or self-scheduled (two will be dropped) 18%
One, three-hour, self-scheduled final exam 26%
Notebook showing weekly effort at homework and classromm problems 8%


Scheduled exam dates:
Exam 1: October 6 (morning hour)
Exam 2: November 6 to November 10 (self-scheduled will be administered through library)
Exam 3: December 8 (morning)
Quizzes: Approximately one a week topic and day announced ahead of time during exam period.
Final:Final Exam Period/Self-scheduled, (administered by college)

Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Ph.D.
Senior Laboratory Lecturer in Chemistry

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