CHEM104 Spring 2010

What's happening this week?

Apr. 12 - 16

READ Chapter 19 and 20


Chapt 19: 33,37,40,43,47,52,57-60,62,66-69,72,74

Chapt 18, ALL even problems 72-88, 98, 100,106

Chapt 17: 77,78,82,84,90,92,94,95,96,105,106,114,

Chapt 16: 30,34,36, 38, 40,42 49,51,54,55 57,64,68

Chapt.15: 44,46,50,51,52,55,60,61,62,6471,74,77,78,80,83,84

Chapt.14: 56,58,60,64,67,72,74,84,85,87,88,91,93,94,96,97

Chapt.13: 26,30,34,35,38,39,(41,43 extra)


"Chemistry: it's a Piece of Cake!"
Ms. Frizzle in The Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake

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Quick Essential Course Info

Your Instructor Your PLI's
Dr. Sharon J. N. Burgmayer [a.k.a. Dr. B.] Natalia Mavrogiannis -
office: 289 Park Hall Emily Kirchner -
phone: x5106  
Lecture MWF 12-1 PM location: Park 278
Recitation Fri 1-2 PM location: Park 278

Course Structure

The "lecture" portion of General Chemistry 104 will be similar in structure to CHEM103. A typical week consists of four class hours: three lecture periods on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:10 until 1PM and a recitation on Friday from 1-2 PM. The recitation hour will be used for open question and answer period, for working longer problems, for doing small group investigations and for exams. In addition to these class periods, there will be weekly quizzes which will be in-class during recitations or distributed electronically.

(see Schedule).

Course Grade

The pieces of work that will be graded are four in-class exams, weekly quizzes, participation in class, and laboratory work directed by Dr. Lukacs. The way these pieces combine to give your final grade in the course is below:

  • 3 one-hour in-class examlettes 20% (10% each)
  • 1 90 minute in-class exams 24% (12% )
  • 1 final exam 12%
  • Quizzes with Self-Check 10%
  • In-class participation 6%
  • Laboratory Grade 30%

To Keep You On Track

Weekly Quizzes . At the end of each week there will be a quiz. In addition to submitting answers to each quiz, you will also submit a "Self-check"; both the quiz and the Self Check contribute to the total quiz grade worth 10%. Further instructions will be given in class.

PLI Check-in. It is strongly recommended that you attend an evening PLI ssesion to "check-in" with your PLI and let her know how you're doing. At these sessions the PLI leaders will ask you for concepts or problems that you find confusing or difficult.

Conferences. Each student will sign up for a short, 15 minute conference meeting with Dr. B. once or twice during the semester. During these conferences, you will have the chance to ask her questions about the material and she will ask you questions about the assigned homework. A sign-up sheet for conference times will be posted outside Dr. B's office.

Office Hours. Open office times when Dr. B. is available to chat and help you with problems are at the following times:

Office hours: Wednesday 1-4 PM , 289 and Thursday 12-2 PM in Dr. B's office, or by appointment

Homework. Homework will not be collected and graded, but that does not mean it isn't important to do!!! There are ample questions and problems at the end of each chapter to allow you to test your understanding of the material. See the top right corner for "what's happening this week?" to find the recommended questions from the end of each chapter. These are the *minimum* problems you should do. Just like elsewhere, "practice makes perfect".


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About your instructors


Dr. Sharon J. N. Burgmayer, or "Dr. B", is in her twenty fourth year (oh my!) of teaching chemistry at Bryn Mawr College. Her hometown is Lima, Ohio, she received a bachelors' degree in Chemistry and French from Heidelberg College (Ohio) and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Her research field is bioinorganic chemistry wherein her focus is the molybdenum enzymes and metalloenzymes with pterin cofactors. Her research group homepage is here.

What does she like to do? Watercolor painting, rollerblading, watch basketball games with her son.

Where does she escape to whenever possible? Tucson, Arizona or Paris, France.

about your PLI's (more to come!)

Natalia Mavrogiannis is a junior chemistry major at BMC.

Emily Kirchner is a sophomore currently enrolled in organic chemistry.

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