Chem231 - Inorganic - problem set 1.


1. Point group of is-Cu(H2O)4Cl2 is C2v.

2.a) Point group is C2v.

b) Atoms Cla and Clb are equivalent by the C2 axis and by the blue mirror plane.The same is true for equivalent Hb's. click for labeled structure.

3. (a) Trans isomer is C2h while the cis isomer is C2v

(b) C3h

4. (a) Adding a perpendicular C2 to a C5 automatically adds a total of 5 C2 axes; this set of oeprations produces teh D5 point group ( no mirrors were added to make D5d nor D5h!)

(b) When one mirror plane is removed from C4v, a total of 4 vertical mirrors are removed; all that remains is C4.


1. Adamantane has the same symmetry as methane! Td = tetrahedral. click for structure with symmetry operations

2. A, D and E have the same point symmetry: D3h.

B and C have the same point symmetry: D3d (you did C in the symmetry workshop).

3. (a) this will surprise you: Th !!! (b) Td !!! The secret is to see the C3 axes at the vertices in both structures. Click to see.