instructor: Prof. Sharon Burgmayer,


    Chemistry literature
    BMC Collier Library Virtual Reading Room
    American Chemical Society Publications
    Molecular Symmetry
  1)  - uses Jmol,  very good!!!
  2)  - uses Java (note: this didn't work well for me)
  Vibrational Modes and Spectroscopy
  1) - very good!!
Chemwiki on Vibrational Modes- more background on this and some dynamic examples
For Fun!
Escher Web Sketch for periodic pattern making
    MS Tools for the Mass Spec System User

ChemStore.Com - to download ChemDraw and Chem3D

    The RCSB Protein Data Bank
    NIST Chemistry WebBook
    Haverford College Chemistry
    Escher WebSketch
    Solid State
    ChemTube - Liverpool