instructor: Prof. Sharon Burgmayer,

Introspection Writing Prompts

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    Symmetry DUE February 5

(a) How did you react to learning about symmetry classification, either in class or from chapter 4?

    (b) Which of the symmetry operations is easiest for you to see or find in an object?
Discuss why and what makes the other operations more difficult to visualize by comparison.

(c) any other topic related to the symmetry chapter that you wish to contemplate in writing.

    Bonding DUE Feb. 19

What are your reactions to the revised ideas about bonding that have been presented?

    Acids, Bases, CFT and Metal Complexes DUE Mar. 24

What are your thoughts so far regarding learning about transition metal complexes?

    Even more about Metal Complexes DUE Apr. 2

1) Describe one "ah ah!" moment you have had during the lectures on transition metals


2) If you haven't had an "ah ha" moment, :-( what is still vexing you about transisiton metals>

    What does this element do???? DUE end of Finals Period May 15.
    For this last writing assignment, explore your text to find an element or family or elements that interests you. Read about it/them, then write about how the concepts we have covered in class help you to understand the elements' chemical behaviour.