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SB & SW Sept. 5/6 Reading Scientific Papers / Reading Structures
materials posted on Moodle
SB Sept. 12/13 Two Ligand Syntheses:
organic synthesis
    (1) Pteridinyl Phenanthroline and (2) Porphyrin
SB Sept. 19/20 Ru(bpy)2(pter-phen)2+ Complex Synthesis
coordination synthesis, ESI-MS, 1H NMR
SB Sept. 25/26

Fe(porphyrin)Cl Synthesis

Characterization of Metal Complexes. Part I

2-D COESY NMR, absorption spectroscopy
SW Oct. 3/4 Biochemical Techniques. I. Lysozyme
careful pipetting, UV/vis,
determination of protein concentration by 2 methods
SW Oct. 10/11 Biochemical Techniques. II Myoglobin Denaturation
UV/vis, determination of thermodynamic parameters
SW Oct. 24/25 Biochemical Techniques. III Lactate Dehydrogenase
UV/vis, kinetics and catalysis
SB Oct. 31/NOV. 1 Characterization of Metal Complexes. Part I
CV, UV/vis
SB Nov. 7/8 Characterization of Metal Complexes. Part II
CV, magnetic susceptibilty
SW Nov. 14/15 Metal-Biomacromolecular Interactions.
DNA Melting,
Photocleavage monitored by gel electrophoresis
SB Nov. 28 Discussion of Fe-porphyrin results
SW Nov. 29 Metal-Biomacromolecular Interactions
Fluorescence titration
SW DEC. 5/6 Metal-Biomacromolecular Interactions  
SB & SW DEC. 12/13 grand finale!
class activities


Wed.- Sept. 12 1) describe two bioinorganic projects  
  2) introduce ligands and synthetic paths
  3) go over groups, synthesis chart and procedures
  4) in lab, set up and start phen-pteridine ligand reactions (except for Group 2 making L-allox)  
calculate masses of reagents for phen-pteridine ligand reaction using information in chart  
Thurs.- Sept. 13 1) do porphyrin synthesis  
  2) isolate phen-pteridine ligand  
  (Group 2: make L-allox)  
Wed.- Sept. 19    
1) prepare to share your thoughts on the two synthetic procedures you were given last week
Wed.- Sept. 26    
1) have filtered your Ru complex  
Thurs.- Sept. 27 - do porphyrin synthesis
  - isolate Ru complex (if you haven't already done so)  
  - observe process for obtaining 2D COSY NMR  
Wed.- Oct.3    
1) Draft 1 of the Experimental section of the Ru manuscript, with an outline for Introduction  
Wed.- Oct.31    
1) Draft 2 which includes: Introduction, revised Experimental, Results including syntheses and NMR data analysis  
Thurs.- Nov. 1 - CV experiment of Ru-phen-pteridine complexes
Thurs.- Nov. 8 - magnetic measurements on Fe-porphyrin, with and without imidazole
  - CV experiment on Fe-porphyrin, with and without imidazole  
Wed.- Nov. 28 - in class presentation and discussion of results of measurements on Fe-porphyrin series