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Week 1 – Sept. 1 introduction

bring to class ideas of inorganic principles relevant to bioavailibility



discussion questions

Week 2 - Sept. 6/8

[T] Tutorial II

[Th] Tutorial I

[T] bring to class your questions re: Tutorials I and II


Web links

periodic table

Week 3 –Sept. 13/15

[T] Ch2 Bioavailability & Biogeochemistry, Ch3 Metal Ions and Protein Interactions (self-study)

[Th] C4 Metal Cofactors

[T] bring to class your questions re: Ch2 and Prepare Discussion Questions for Ch2. Due today: Cu(2+/1+) Redox problem from 9-6-16

[Th] Due today: Worksheet #1 on Metal-Protein Interactions.


Week 4 –Sept. 20/22


[T] Ch5 & Ch8 Metal Ion Transport and Storage:Transferrin, Ferritin, Siderophores

[Th] Ch8 Metal Ion Transport and Storage: Metallothioneins, Cu ATPases, Cu Chaperones

[T] and [Th] Assigned groups lead discussion of all sections of Chapter 8


Week 5 –Sept. 27/29


Ch10.1 Metals in Electron Transfer Proteins

Ch10.3 ET in Respiration and C10.4 ET in Photosynthesis

[T] Discussion Questions


Week 6 – Oct. 4/6


Physical Methods: EXAFS, XANES, EPR and Resonance Raman (rR) MCD, DFT, Mossbauer


no assignment; Dr. B. lectures


Week 7 – Oct. 11/13



  Week 8 – Oct. 18/20

Ch11.1 Dioxygen Chemistry and Toxicity

  Week 9 – Oct. 25/27

C11.2-11.3 Superoxide Dismutase and Dioxygen Catalysis


  Week 10 – Nov.

C11.4-C11.5- Dioxygen Carriers & Activation; C11.6-C11.7- Dioxygen Reduction & Activation; C11.8- Dioxygen Reduction & Activation

  Week 11 – Nov.

C12.1 through C12.2 -Hydrogen and Carbon Metabolism

C12.3 -Nitrogen Metabolism

  Week 12– Nov. C12.6-C12.7 -Molybdenum and Tungsten Enzymes  
  Week 13 – Nov.

C9 Metals and Nucleic Acids

Ch6: Biomineralization

  Week 14 – C7 Metals in Medicine  
  Week 15 –