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Week 1 – Jan. 22


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Week 2 - Jan. 27/29 

(M) Introduction to course; Lecture on Bioavailability & Biogeochemistry (CH 2)

(W- long class duration, 10AM-12PM) ) Discussion of inorganic principles; lecture on Metal Cofactors (CH 4) (Homework: Metal-Protein Interactions (CH 3)

read , Tutorials I and II

(W) bring to class ideas of inorganic principles relevant to bioavailibility


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Week 3 – Feb. 3/5


(W) Discussion of inorganic principles and metal cofactors; Began discussion questions onElectron Transfer Proteins (CH 10.1)

(M) class cancelled

(W) Due: Worksheet #1 on Metal-Protein Interactions. Bring to class ideas of inorganic principles relevant to cofactors and ET proteins. Prepare Discussion Questions on ET


Week 4 – Feb. 10/12


(M- regular class duration) Finish discussion questions on Electron Transfer Proteins (CH 10.1); discuss inorganic principles relevant to Electron Transfer Proteins (CH 10.1) ; Lecture on Metals in Electron Transfer Proteins (CH 10.2).

(W- long class duration, 10AM-12PM) Lecture on ET in Respiration (CH 10.3) and in Photosynthesis(CH 10.4); Discussion on respiration and photosynthesis.

(M) Bring to class ideas of inorganic principles relevant to ET proteins (CH 10.1).


(W) Prepare Discussion Questions on Respiration and Photosynthesis.


Week 5 – Feb. 17/19


(M- long class duration, 10AM-12PM) Lecture on Dioxygen Chemistry and Toxicity (CH 1.1), Superoxide Dismutases (CH 11.2); Discussion of Dioxygen Catalysis (CH 11.3)

(W) Discussion of Dioxygen Catalysis (CH 11.5)

(M) Discussion Questions on O2 (CH10.1) and SOD (CH10.2). Discussion Questions on CH10.3 and .5

(W) Discussion Questions on CH10.5


Week 6 – Feb. 24/26


(M) Lectures on Metal Ion Transport and Storage and Metal Chaperones (CH 5 and 8)

(W) H & C Metabolism (CH 12.1 and 12.2); N Metabolism (CH 12.3)

(F) Lecture on Mo and W enzymes and on Moco (CH 12.6)

(M)Bring yoru questions on Chapters 5 and 8!!

(W) Worksheet #2 on Metal Tranport .and Discussion Questions on H2 Metabolism & C1 Metabolism;


Week 7 – Mar. 3/5

(M) Metals in Medicine (CH 7)

(W)Metals in Medicine (CH 7)

(M) and (W) everyone does a short presentation of one topic of Metals In Medicine