Course Description

Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Contradiction?

  - sequence of topics and chapters covered - text: Biological Inorganic Chemistry (Bertini, Gray, Stiefel, Valentine)

Fundamentals - Tutorials: Coordination Chemistry – Tutorial II; Biochemistry and Cell Biology – Tutorial I

course description

Metal Bioavailablility – What’s out there to use?               Chapt. II

Biogeochemistry                                                            ...Chapt. II

about Dr. B.

Metal Ions and Protein Interactions                           ......Chapt. III

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Metal Cofactors                                                             . . Chapt. IV

worksheets Metal Ion Transport and Storage                               .....Chapt. V, VIII
discussion questions Biomineralization                                                 ..... ..... Chapt. VI
web links Metal-Dependent Enzymes: Engines of Life 
periodic table

Metals in Electron Transfer Proteins                       ..Chapt. X


and Their Roles in Respiration and Photosynthesis

Oxygen Metabolism                                              .....Chapt. XI
Nitrogen Metabolism                                              ....Chapt. XII
Hydrogen Metabolism                                             ...Chapt. XII
Carbon Metabolism                                                 .Chapt. XII
Metals in Medicine                                                     ...... Chapt. VII