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Princeton Center for Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry
about Dr. B.
course description
discussion questions
Web links Biomaterials and Biomineralization
periodic table
Prof. Nils Kroger and his Research at Georgia
Prof . Fiona Meldrum and her Research at Bristol
Prof. Stephen Mann and his research at Bristol
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  Power Point Slides
Day 1 Introduction
metal ion transport and storage
respiration and photosynthesis
H&C metabolism
Mo enzymes
Mo cofactor
  Metal Regulation and Signalling - Zn Proteins
  Protein Data Base (structure viewing tools, etc)
PDB site
Ligand Viewer instructions
list of various molecular viewers (U. Mass site)
  Student Presentation Slides
Gadolinium and MRI
  Vitamin B12
  Mo and W Siderophores
Anti-Cancer Gold Phosphine Complexes
Palladium Anti-Bacterials
Vanadium and Insulin
Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase in Pyrococcus furiosus