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Jonas I. Goldsmith 


Chem 103 (General Chemistry)
Chem 321/521 (Topics in Nanoscience)


My research program combines the techniques of inorganic, physical and synthetic chemistry to develop and investigate
novel transition metal complex-based nanostructures. Research in the Goldsmith Group will utilize electrochemical and
spectroscopic techniques to probe the interactions of transition metal complexes with surfaces and to develop applications
including nanoelectronics and solar energy conversion.
• Synthesis and Electrochemistry of Novel Transition Metal Complexes

       •Coupling reactions will be used to synthesize bifunctional ligands. The aromatic portion of each ligand is
          π-stacking interactions with carbon surfaces

Ligand Synthesis
       •The ligands above can be synthesized with a variety of aromatics such as naphthalene and anthracene            
          and polypyridyls such as bipyridine and phenanthroline can be utilized in addition to the terpyridine
          shown above

       •Complexes of these ligands with transition metals such as ruthenium and cobalt will be synthesized

Complex Synth

       •These complexes will be used to functionalize carbon surfaces as seen hereFunct Surf.jpg

       • Electrochemical techniques including cyclic voltammetry and the use of an electrochemical quartz crystal
          microbalance (EQCM) will be used to study the thermodynamics, kinetics and dynamics of the
          adsorption process.

• Investigations of cobalt-based electron relays for solar energy-based
    hydrogen production

       •Details to come......