Group Meeting Schedule Fall 2003


September 2--SW Tinoco article--Identifying Kinetic Barriers to Mechanical Unfolding of the T. thermophila Ribozyme


September 8-- Undergraduate Poster Session--posters up from 10:00am, session 3:00-5:00 pm


September 16--JJS (lab)


September 23--JJS (lit)


September 30-- CS (lab)


October 3-- Graduate Poster Session


October 7-- Xenia (lit)


October 21-- Marla (lit)


October 28--Jami (lit)


November 4-- Xenia (lab)


November 11-- CS (lit)


November 18-- Marla (lab)


November 25-- Thankgiving


December 2--  Jami (lab)


December 9-- Practice Undergraduate Talks