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The L30 RNA Research Group

Graduate and Undergraduate Lab Students and Alums

Lab alums pictured are
  • Hu Li
  • Shannon Blaney
  • Margaret Hoeger
  • Valerie Shipilov
  • Amanda Shillingford

And our lab self-portraits

And some of our current e-mails and past locations

  • Jen Zarutskie
  • Leo Egar
  • Elise Carpenter
  • Seema Dalal
  • Jen Kohler
  • Beth Singer
  • Rosemary Puplampu
  • Ian Brooks
  • Michelle Rauch
  • Suzanne Chong
  • Elizabeth Pemberton
  • Joanna Weinstein
  • Lily Tadayyon
  • Karen Gakenheimer
  • Beatrix Olofsson
  • David Zobian
  • Tabassum Salam
  • Anna Abraham
  • Alyssa Ta

Some Flags courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries used with permission.
Please send corrections to: Susan White

Protocols (Word & Excel files on PSB 205 Computer)

Group Meeting Summer 2001

Group Meeting Summer 2002

Group Meeting Fall 2003

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