Drugs & How They Work (CHEM 116)

Fall 2010 Semester

2010 Syllabus

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry (Patrick) on-line resource website

Lecture Handouts


Handout #1 (10/25/10)

Handout #2 (10/27/10)

Handout #3 (10/27/10)


Protease Mechanism Handout (answers)

Renin-Angiotensin Handout

HIV Protease Handout

5-Fluorouracil Handout

Bioisosteres Handout

Penicillin Handout

Drugs and Receptors

DNA Drugs Handout

Homework Answers

HW #1 (answers)

HW #2 (answers)

  HW #3 (answers)


Student Papers

2010 Exams

Mid-quarter exam (Answers)              2010 Final exam (Answers)

Additional Resources

Molecular Property Explorer

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