Medicinal Chemistry (CHEM 315/515)

Fall 2010 Semester

2010 Syllabus

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry (Patrick) on-line resource website

Lecture Handouts

Handout #1 (8/31/10)

Handout #2 (9/2/10)

Boceprevir Case Study (9/2/10)

Handout #3 (9/7/10)





Protease Mechanism Handout (answers)

Renin-Angiotensin Handout

HIV Protease Handout

5-Fluorouracil Handout


Bioisosteres Handout

Penicillin Handout

Drugs and Receptors

DNA Drugs Handout

Homework Answers

HW#1 answers

Functional Group Identification Assignment (answers)

HW#2 answers

HW#3 answers

Molecular Overlay Exercise


Student Papers

Guidelines and Suggested Literature Articles

Student Presentations

Guidelines and Suggested Literature Articles

Anti-virals, HCV Protease inhibitors, Nov. 18


Anti-cancer, kinase inhibitors, Nov. 23

Parkinsonís disease treatment, Nov. 30

Anti-malarials, Dec. 2


Diabetes (type II) treatment, Dec. 7

Alzheimerís disease drugs (g-secretase inhibitors), Dec. 9l

2010 Exams

Midterm Exam (Answers)††††††††††††††††† 2010 Final Exam (Answers)

Additional Resources

Molecular Property Explorer

Old Course Materials
Fall 2005 Semester

2005 Semester Exam (Answers)

Midterm Exam (Answers)††††††††††††††††† 2005 Final Exam (Answers)

Fall 2001 Semester

2001 Semester Exam Answers
Exam 1     

Exam 2

2001 Final Exam Answers



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