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Clelia W. Mallory

Recent Publications

""Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling via Nonbonded Interactions. 8. The Distance Dependence of Through-Space Fluorine-Fluorine Coupling," Frank B. Mallory, Clelia W. Mallory, Kelly E. Butler, Mary Beth Lewis, Qian Xia, Eddie D. Luzik, Jr., Laura E. Fredenburgh, Mercy M. Ramanjulu, Que N. Van, Michelle M. Francl, Dana A. Freed, Chandra C. Wray, Christine Hann, Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Patrick J. Carroll, and Lisa E. Chirlian, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2000, 122, 4108-4116.

"Phenacenes: A Family of Graphite Ribbons. 3. Iterative Strategies for the Synthesis of Large Phenacenes," Frank B. Mallory, Kelly E. Butler, Amélie Bérubé, Eddie D. Luzik, Jr., Clelia W. Mallory, Emilie J. Brondyke, Rupa Hiremath, Phung L. Ngo, and Patrick J. Carroll, Tetrahedron 2001, 57, 3715-3724.

“CF3 Rotation in 3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenanthrene: Solid State 19F and 1H NMR Relaxation and Bloch-Wangsness-Redfield Theory,” Peter A. Beckmann, Jessie Rosenberg, Kerstin Nordstrom, Clelia W. Mallory, and Frank B. Mallory, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2006, 110, 3947-3953.

"The Quenching of Isopropyl Group Rotation in Van der Waals Molecular Solids," Xianlong Wang, Arnold L. Rheingold, Antonio G. DiPasquale, Frank B. Mallory, Clelia W. Mallory, and Peter A. Beckmann, Journal of Chemical Physics 2008, 128, 124502/1–124502/3.

"The Indirect Through-Space F-F Coupling in peri-Difluoronaphthalene: Is It Anisotropic?"  J. W. Emsley, G. De Luca, A. Lesage, M. Longeri, Frank B. Mallory, and Clelia W. Mallory, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2008, 10, 6534-6543.

"Intramolecular and Intermolecular Contributions to the Barriers for Rotation of Methyl Groups in Crystalline Solids: Electronic Structure Calculations and Solid State NMR Relaxation Measurements," Xianlong Wang, Peter A. Beckmann, Clelia W. Mallory, Arnold L. Rheingold, Antonio G. DiPasquale, Patrick J. Carroll, and Frank B. Mallory, Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011, 76, 5170-5176.