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X. An addendum of examples put forward as pedagogical favorites (rather than from overlaps among survey texts).


ax0622. 2nd Harrison Gray Otis house, 85 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, 1800-02 (Charles Bulfinch)

ax0624. New North Church (now St. Stephen's) Hanover St., Boston, 1802-04 (Charles Bulfinch)

ax0626. 3rd Harrison Gray Otis house, 45 Beacon St., Boston, 1805-08 (Charles Bulfinch)

ax0628. Faneuil Hall, Boston, rebuilt and enlarged 1805-06 (Charles Bulfinch)



ax0652. Coleman house, Greenfield, MA, 1797 (Asher Benjamin)

ax0653. Stebbins house, Deerfield, MA, c. 1798-99 (Asher Benjamin)

ax0654. Memorial Hall, Deerfield, MA, c. 1799 (Asher Benjamin) [note: 3rd story is later addtn.]

ax0655. West Church, Boston 1806 (Asher Benjamin)

ax0656. Colburn house, 54-55 Beacon St., Boston, 1808 (Asher Benjamin)

ax0657. 60 or 61 Beacon St., Boston, c. 1808 (Asher Benjamin)

ax0658. Center Church, New Haven, CT, 1812-14 (Asher Benjamin [with Ithiel Town])

ax0659. Congragational Church, Bennington, VT, 1806 (Lavius Fillmore after Asher Benjamin)



ax1082. Mark Twain [S. Clemens] house, Hartford, CT, 1873-74, 1881 (E. T. Potter [Potter & Thorp])

ax1084. Misses F. C. and M. P. Forbes house, Milton, MA, 1876 (W. R. Emerson)

ax1086. Cabinetwork, 1876 (W. G. Preston)

ax1088. 3rd Judicial District [Jefferson Market] Courthouse and Jail, New York, NY, 1874-78 (Withers & Vaux)


ax1091. Grace Episcopal Church. Medford, MA, 1867-69 (H. H. Richardson)

ax1092. William E. Dorsheimer house, Buffalo, NY, 1868-71 (Gambrill & Richardson)

ax1093. Brattle Street Church, Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 1869-73 (Gambrill & Richardson)

ax1094. Buffalo State Hospital, Buffalo, NY, 1869-80 (Gambrill & Richardson)

ax1095. City Hall, Albany, NY, 1880-83 (H. H. Richardson)


ax1291. Getty Tomb, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, 1890 (Louis Sullivan).

ax1295. Harold C. Bradley house, Madison, WS, 1909 (Louis Sullivan).


ax3005. World Trade Center, New York, NY, 1966-73 (Minoru Yamasaki and Emery Roth and Sons).

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