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This is a set of images meant for teaching architectural history. This pilot project deals with landmarks of American architecture, 1850-99, mentioned in more than one of four survey textbooks currently in print, Leland Roth, Concise History of American Architecture, New York, 1979; Vincent Scully, American Architecture and Urbanism, New York, 1969, 1988; Marcus Whiffen and Frederick Koeper, American Architecture, Cambridge, MA, 1981; and David Handlin, American Architecture, Cambridge, MA, 1985.
INSTRUCTIONS: Clicking on the highlighted "prv" text in each row will bring a small preview image roughly 190 pixels across or high into the upper right box. (Where the "view" cell is blank, we do not have an image yet.) Clicking on the "med" text below "prv" in each row will open a separate window with a full-screen image, roughly 400 pixels high or as much as 600 across. This version is a two-window operation: the "med" button opens a second window. When it first does, stagger them slightly so that you can see part of the original 3-frame "chooser" window, and when you want to return to its grid, click on part of the chooser window to activate it so that you will not have to wait for it to reload each time. Windows 95 users can resize both windows by minimizing and then stretching each by pulling on its lower right corner to give it about 3/4 of the screen width. Then offset them, leaving the chooser hugging the right margin and the medium "viewer" hugging the left. Move from one to the other by clicking on the exposed margin of the one underneath or by using the button in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen
PERMISSIONS: Use of most of these images has been permitted by their photographers specifically for this project, intended for this pedagogical purpose only, with all other rights reserved. Other images have been photographed from old publications now out of copyright, or taken from sources otherwise believed to place them in the public domain.
This is an experimental project of the Society of Architectural Historians. To comment on this project, offer advice or, eventually, images, or to adopt a module to carry forward in coordination with this, contact Last revision 13 May 98.
To date the chief contributors of images have been:

Special thanks are also due to Micheline Nilsen of the University of Pennsylvania's slide library, who has been a mainstay through this effort.

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