Introduction: Italy in the 15th Century--Introduction

1. Florence in the 15th Century

2. Filippo Brunelleschi

3. Brunelleschi's Lesser Works

4. Brunelleschi's Legacy in Florence

5. Brunelleschi's Legacy (Continued) and Beyond

6. Elsewhere in Italy--Alberti; Venice

7. Venice Concluded; the Quattrocento concluded

8. The Sixteenth Century--Bramante and Roman Architecture

9. Bramante and his Roman Patrons

10. The New Rome

11. More about Rome

12. The New Classicism in Italy

13. Italy in the 17th Century--The Baroque's Beginnings

14. Some Baroque Projects and Masters

15. France Adopts the Revived Classicism

16. French Explorations of the New Classicism

17. Further French Experience with the New Classicism

18. Design on the Land

19. Buildings in the Land and a Land of Buildings

20. The Holy Roman Emperor Rediscovers the Empire

21. England Accepts Classicism

22. England Exploits Classicism (in preparation)

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