CITY/HART 253                                              Semester I, 2003/04


Survey of Western Architecture                               Mr. Cast, Ms. Hein, Ms. Brady




Office hours:  Ms. Hein, Thomas 243, F 12:30-2:30; Mr. Cast, Thomas 230, W 2-4; Ms. Brady, TBA; and by appointment


Suggested reference reading:

Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City, AIA, 1994

Required reading (available at bookstore and on reserve):

Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman, Architecture from Prehistory to Post-Modernism: The Western Tradition, New York, Abrams, (2nd ed), 2002


Course packet: Vitruvius; Alberti; Palladio; Goethe; Viollet-le-Duc; Crystal Palace; Conrads; Hitchcock; Ockman; Venturi; Tzonis.



I.          Introduction: What is Western Architecture:  The Greek, Roman and Medieval Traditions.  Sept. 1-10


Read: Trachtenberg and Hyman, Introduction, chapters 3 and 7, pp. 49-53, 116-157, 223-273. Chapter 2, pp. 90-115, optional. (Refer to the Glossary in Trachtenberg and Hyman throughout the course.)


Course packet: Vitruvius; Alberti; Palladio



II.         Renaissance and Baroque Architecture. Sept. 11-Oct. 6

Read: Trachtenberg and Hyman, 276-371

First Writing Assignment: Sept. 24

Hour Examination: Oct. 8


III.       Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: the Birth of Modernism. Oct. 20-Oct. 29

Read: Trachtenberg and Hyman, 375-463

Course packet: Goethe; Viollet-le-Duc; Crystal Palace



IV.       Modern Architecture. Nov. 3-Nov. 24

Read: Trachtenberg and Hyman, 465-523

Course packet: Conrads; Hitchcock; Ockman


V.        Second Modernism, Modernisms, Dec. 1-Dec. 12

Read: Trachtenberg and Hyman, 525-581

Course packet: Venturi; Tzonis

Hour Examination: Dec. 10

Second Writing Assignment: Dec. 12