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Problems in Architectural Design

Class time: Tuesday evenings 7:30 - 9:30pm
Location: Rockefeller Studio - Bryn Mawr College

The course is a continuation of the work carried out in  the Introduction to Architectural Design Class. The work is more advanced. There will be between three and five projects assigned during the course of the semester which will stress a variety of architectural issues. One Problem will focus on the refinement of carrying out a very small program. We will be looking  at the issues of detail, proportion and studying materials. At the end of the semester we will be dealing with large scale planning issues in an urban context. In the process of doing the design problems in the middle of semester  we will explore the issues of programmatic complexity and  organization.

This course will assist students in their preparation for  the rigors and the range of subject matter that might be offered in graduate  school. It will be an excellent background for advanced study in architecture,  landscape and planning. Further, it will also assist those studying  architectural history as it will provide hands on insight to the forces that come to bear on the design process.

This course is a studio course, the  emphasis of which is drawing and model building. However, readings and research may be assigned as it relates to the deeper understanding of the assignments, or as it relates to each students' design interests. The studio format requires work to be done on a rigorous basis so that there is significant progress to  review during the weekly desk critiques. Formal presentations at the end of each  assignment will be attended by outside critics.