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Independent Study and Senior Thesis in Design

Additional upper level studio experience is available by special permission of the department head and studio instructor. Students interested in this need to show exemplary talent and dedication as well as the ability to work  in a disciplined and consistent manner. For either Independent Study or a Senior Thesis in Design you will need to meet with your instructor after class time in 226 or 228, or at the critic's convenience at his/her office off campus. You  will meet once a week to discuss progress on your work.

If available, you may be assigned a desk in the studio and have the same  studio privileges as students in 226/228.

The problems worked on as  independent study will be agreed upon by the student and critic together.

The Senior Thesis in Design will require a written program completed in advance of the start of the fall semester, a paper discussing the project with  emphasis as agreed upon by the Senior Seminar leaders and fully developed presentation drawings, models and sketches as agreed upon by your critic.