HSPV 600, 4 Oct., Free Library of Philadelphia

Rich Boardman, Map Collection, FLP, (215) 686-5397, boardmanr@library.phila.gov

some docs of all, not just archt-designed.

Sanborns --> ward atlases to Hexamer & Locher
footprints, materials, sometimes owners, adjacencies & transport

lens of motive: reasons of creation?

Earlier maps, plats
Other kinds of maps, purposes

Hexamer gen' surveys, index

using the coll, Finding Aids, cats


(Phila Ref Coll.: Prosopographical pubs)

(Art Coll.: B&D, Phila Sub Life, Wilson Bros)

Janine Pollock, Print & Picture Collecution, FLP, (215) 686-5405, pollockj@library.phila.gov

Aero Service

Philadelphiana, photos and prints

Castner coll scraps


fire stations, Edmunds Schools, Frank H. Taylor

Millikin &

Phila Sub Houses

using the coll, Finding Aids, cats


(Newspaper Microform Rdg Room)