04-600.2: 20 Sept, U Penn Architectural Archives
9:15 am

Evidence: elite, archts 1st

vestiges of architect's work

roles: client, archt, builder

(spec dev)


purposes: guide construction, stip bids, ensure perf [specs]

plans, elevs, (ortho vs perspectives) sections, projections (axo, iso)

prelim or dev, present'n, working [cds]

repros: blueprints, pricked copies


C Gray's NYT 'Streetscapes": knowing: sources of info;

telling: Interesting?
how to make more so, for someone not from there



1st projects: count to 14, for pairs; break about 11:15 for them to read, visit groups, explore a bit, claim, or come early to in front of FLP maps to talk; or after.

next mtg at Free Library, Map Collection, 9:30 am.