HSPV 600: 27 Sept, PAth

confer about projects, 9-9:30

archtl detective work, toy store, much available on-line in full, via PAB.
Few other cities have some (repos, indexes, inetergration of sources: COPAR), others will build (economcs of this).
intro BL (MS?, WR? RM?)

BL: xxx arch dwgs, collections of papers of archts, graphics collections, (esp photos), archtl jnls, other archtl pubs,


Histy of Ath, mission shift. RM role.

show: Walter diaries, dwgs by 18th c. guys, dwgs by Furness, Chandler, Cornell bps,
Trumbauer linens, Dillon photos, something modern (PSFS?)

AABN, Godey's, T Sq, BG

PAB histy

show a T&M folder or two

demo PAB: an architect; a place; a zoom, a source, maps
underscore importance of citation

* what's in PAB
what's not

how we can amplify, adding data, images, running down vague ex'tg cites, finding new.

as feedback? other methods?

By 11:15am:
RM's 600 papers. give half hour to browse. could you do this? knowledge, skills?

Distrib Moak books.

meanwhile: gather each group (deeds, archts, devs, CHHS, pubs, etc.) to discuss projects.