HSPV 600: Documentation and Archival Research
Mondays, 9-12, Meyerson B-6
J. Cohen [jcohen@brynmawr.edu]


13 Sept.

Streetscapes exercise:
Atlas, CD, etc.
online resources
curiosity, questions we bring?
Use of history [nn]


read Evid of Place, sorting by motive of making.

browse PAB and PiT

start Tatum or DTB, read about 1/4 that interests you most, let me know precisely which in an email by Friday.

20 Sept.

architects' docs.,
types of drawings
Arch Archives at Penn [+]

telling: interesting?

 choose, explore 1st projects, teams.

[first project topics]

read another fair chunk of Tatum or Drawing Toward Building, choosing what interests you, Let me know precisely which, so far, in an email by Friday. 

 27 Sept.

Athenaeum of Phila.,
9:30 am [+]
old HSPV 600 projects, Ch oT [nn]

JC there at 9am, to discuss projects.

Moak, Research, available.

HTML session, 5-6pm, in 4th fl studio. Bring laptops, pair up in teams.

 4 Oct.

Free Library of Philadelphia Map Dept, Print & Picture, meet at 9:30 am [+] [nn]


 11 Oct.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania [+]
meet at 9:30 am (JC for proj mtgs at 9am) [nn]

 Prepare first projects for feedback next time, operating as a website on CD. Indicate remaining research, and scheme of intended site.

 18 Oct.

In our classroom (Meyerson B6), 9am. (bring projects and ingredients on CD). Consultations with instructor by each group. (bring one laptop per group).

 Major push on research, and develop website to full state.

 25 Oct.:

Final proj1 presentations

Respond constructively to at least three posted projects, w/ cc to jc, and make last revisions to projects.

 1 Nov.

Back in 4th fl studio: Final proj1 presentations, cont.

Read 3 NR forms from PA's Arch system,
also 2 NR bulletins:
National Register Bulletin 39: "Researching a Historic Property" (1991)
National Register Bulletin 16A:
"How to Complete a National Register Registration Form."
  project 1 websites

 8 Nov.

Meet 9:30 am at Philadelphia Historical Commission [+]
Room 576, City Hall

indiv & district noms, National & City Register discussion
2nd projects intro

 determine2nd projects, teams

 15 Nov.

Meet 9:30 at Library Company of Philadelphia [+]
1314 Locust St.
photo and print research


 22 Nov.

Meet 9:30 at City Archives [+]
31st & Market Sts.
deeds, tax, bps, plats, photo colls.

  project 2 websites

 29 Nov.

Meet 9:30 at National Archives, Phila. Branch [+]
NWC 9th & Chestnut Sts.
census, tax recs


 6 Dec.

2nd projects presented to class, posted

feedback on 3 projects, in writing, w/cc to jc, by 8 Dec.
 revise project 2

 13 Dec.

workshop day: help with revisions

 final posting of revised versions of project 2 and project 1 by Fri, 17 Dec.
last rev. = 28 Nov. 04