Memorial Hall
1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition
Hermann Schwarzmann (1846-1891)
N. Concourse Street and 42nd Street
Built 1875, Demolished 1955

Photo: Leslie, Frank, Historical Register of the United States Centennial Exposition. New York: Frank Leslie’s Publishing House, 1876.

The “modernized classic of Palladio” was selected as the most suitable architectural style for this permanent building. Designed by Hermann Schwarzmann (1846-1891), the general architect for the Exposition, and who also constructed Horticultural Hall, it was the only building designed as a traditional monument in permanent materials. Memorial Hall also served as the International Art Gallery. Featuring a double glass dome and constructed of granite and glass, it became a landmark of the Centennial. It housed the art collection of Philadelphia until the 1920s when it was moved to the new Philadelphia Museum of Art. Still standing, it underwent restoration by the firm of Hatfield, Martin and White from 1958-1969.


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