"builder of homes"

John H. McClatchy was a self described "builder of homes" about whom very little is known. The advertisements of his building developments within this website date from 1918-1929 (excluding 1919-1920 when little work was done because of World War I) and were gathered from The Philadelphia Inquirer archives on microfilm at the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt Library. The compliation of information contained herein contains a sampling of his advertisements and several maps of areas where he built and is intended as a jumping-off point for future work.

Included in this site:

Advertisements by Year

Maps of Development Areas

Early Projects by McClatchy

Pictures of the John McClatchy Building

One of the only records of John H. McClatchy can be found in the 1925 Philadelphia City Directory (which is available at the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Athenaeum, as well as other such locations). His entry reads as follows:

1925 City Directory Entry:

Builder and Contractor

848 Land Title Building

Phones Bell Rittenhouse 8730

Keystone Race 6211

Branch Office 69th and Mancet, Phones Bell

Allegheny 1700 and Lansdome 1408

Keystone West 1754

h. Menon Pa. Phone Bell Cynwyd 749