S U M M A R Y OF INHP and Independence Mall E V O L U T I O N





1937 Plan for redevelop-ment of historic area drawn by Roy F. Larson
The Independence National Historical Park was "authorized by an Act of Congress on June 28, 1948, and was formally established on July 4, 1956. During that time, properties were acquired and purchased resulting in a shift in the urban landscape from high concentration of built structures to the creation of open urban park spaces.
The mission of Independence National Historical Park is to preserve its stories, buildings, and artifacts as a source of inspiration for visitors to learn more about the ideas and ideals that led to the American Revolution and the founding and growth of the United States."




(1) 1950 Chestnut Frontage




(2) 1957 Chestnut Frontage (same view as above)


(3) Vacant Upper Floor 5th and Market Streets, c. 1961




(4) "Deteriorated" Commer-cial Buildings on 6th Street North of Market, c. 1961
The creation of Independence Mall was a result of an urban redevelopment plan, funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and designed for the state.
The New National Constitution Center, opened in 2003, was established by the Constitution Heritage Act of 1988. Passed by Congress and signed by President Ronald Reagan, the Act created the Center as an organization and first established building the National Constitution Center as an important national goal.

The following 4 maps
attempt to illustrate this evolution of urban space that demarcates the physcial planning and preservation process and efforts resulting in natural space and built fabric.
1939 - prior to the creation of INHP;
1954 - process of creating INHP;
1978 - completion of INHP and Independence Mall; and
2004 - present urban fabric of INHP, Indepen- dence Mall, and the Nation-al Constitution Center.
Independence National Historical Park:
Bounded by Third Street and Sixth Stree to the east and west, including Christ Church and Corner park from Market Street to 2nd Street. Between Market and Walnut Street from North to South.
Independence Mall:
Betweem 5th and 6th Streets from east to west, and from Market to Race street, south to north.
National Constitution Center:
Between 5th and 6th Streets from east to west, and from Arch Street to Race Street, south to north.



1993 Axonometric Drawing. Cultural Landscape Report for Independence Mall by Bill Marsh.

NOTE: Numbers refer to the images above.
Pink denotes examples of demolished structures.
Green denotes boundary of INHP and Independence Mall.