Patterns of Wealth and Class in Philadelphia: 1846 and 1865


A sampling of members from the socially elite Philadelphia Club provided the third demographic. Founded in 1834, the Philadelphia Club originally began as a coffee House and is the oldest of its kind in the country, followed by New York and Boston.  The clubhouse building moved from Mrs. Rubicam’s Coffee House and Mrs. Arney’s Coffee House, to the Adelphi Building in 1834, to the Bonaparte House in 1835, to the Hemphill House in 184, and to the Butler House in 1849. “Wherever situated, whether the old Adelphi Building, or in the Bonaparte House, or at 919 Walnut, or where it has stood for eitghty-five years, the Club has always been within fifteen to twenty minutes walk from the town houses of those gentlemen who met to play cards at Mrs. Rubicam’s Coffee House in 1830.”

1846 List of Members

1865 Club Building, 1301 Walnut

1865 List of Members