1908 Mueller Map of Haverford

1908 Mueller Map of Haverford West

1913 Mueller Map of Haverford

1913 Mueller Map of Haverford West

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<>The Haverford School


An article in the Janurary 1910 edition of Philadelphia Suburban Life highlights The Haverford School.  The suburban school was highly prestigious for wealthy patrons of both the city and suburbs of the time, and was especially desirable in that “the quiet of the country was more conducive to study” and therefore appealed to parents.  The school offered many “open air advantages” to “hardy youth.”

Architecturally, the buildings conveyed the principles the school represented.  They are described as buildings of “imposing character,” equipped with the finest new and modern amenities, and attractive as the surrounding neighborhoods.  The school’s grouping of “massive stone buildings” forms an assortment of structures that “adds materially to the complete life of suburban residential community.”

The Oaks at The Haverford School

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