Philadelphia Suburban Life ~ April 1910


In planning one’s country estate, there are many issues to consider.  The plan should depend on aspect, prospect, climatic temperatures, prevailing winds, and the kind and scale of hospitality to be exercised. One must consider the whole comprehensive plan, including entrance, approach garden, outbuildings in order to create a most harmonious picture.  This is known as the scheme. 

        “If one is determined in advance, and at all hazards, to have a symmetrical and monumental effect on an irregular site, on picturesqueness on a plain site, violence can be done to the situation by expensive levelings in the once case or the building of artificial hills.  However, there is often the visible penalty of insincerity.”    

        In the pursuance of the important element of dignity and a good impression, one should usually seek simplicity in their plan. 


Philadelphia Suburban Life ~ May 1910


        Style is dependant on site, however not all agree on this.  For example, the half-timber house is usually preferred for rural settings.  But if one considers that the inspiration for this very style was the streets of medieval cities, this does not prove consistent.