The Water Colors


      Northwest Corner of 5th and Lombard                    Southwest Corner of 5th and Lombard                   Southeast Corner of 5th and Lombard

       430 South Fifth Street                                                                       500 South Fifth Street                                                                      505 South Fifth Street

       Building Dates:17xx-18xx                                                                 17xx-1966                                                                                       17xx-18xx

       Current Owner:  Francis C. Heron                                                     Mary Woods, Inn Keeper

       Fire Insurance Survey                                                                        Fire Insurance Survey                                                                       Fire Insurance Survey

                                                                                                                Transfer History

These watercolors come as a courtesy Winterthur Collection in Winterthur, Delaware.

The photographs come from the archives at the Philadelphia Historical Commission located in Philadelphia City Hall.

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Dina Kanawati

Cynthia Silva

Digital Media 624

Fall 2004