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St. German Schoolhouse


The following section includes the chronology of the grantors and grantees of the site:

St. German Schoolhouse
Cherry Street
Ward X

Note: Over the course of a building's existence, its address may change several times
since street names or numbering have changed at various times in the past.


Transfer Sheets

Registry # 1N1, Lot # 107




June 29, 1872

Ministers, Vestrymen, and
Church Wardens of the German Lutheran Congregation

Sarah C. Sauerbier

April 30, 1881

Alfred H. Keen & Sarah Ann
his wife, being devisee of
Sarah C. Sauerbier

Emily E. Christman, Edward Christman, Eugene R. Christman, William H. Christman, devisee of Sarah C. Sauerbier

March 3, 1885

Eugene R. Christman, Edith
his wife

William H. Christman

March 27, 1885

Edward Christman, Margaret L.
his wife

Emily Christman

July 5, 1945

Land Title Bank & Trust Company, Trustee under William H. Christman

Edwin L. Yeager, 3 rd, and Charles E. Rudolph