Sketches of Philadelphia in 1861:

Watercolors by Taylor

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Overview of 1725 Market Street from 1786-1890


From left to right: 1727, 1725, and 1723 Street, Philadelphia, PA .Watercolor by Taylor (1861)

Image courtesy Winterthur Museum.

1725 Market Street was granted to John Fromberger, a merchant, in 1786 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Fromberger does not appear to have occupied the site, which was sold to vinegar merchant Christian Haars in 1806. At that time, the lot was described as being 148 feet from the east side of 18th (or Schuylkill Fifth) Street, running twenty-five feet along Market or High Street, and stretching180-feet deep. The lot remained in the Haars family until 1851, when it was purchased by James McGee. McGee then sold the land to William Galloway in 1873. In 1889 Galloway sold the lot to John Wilson, who then granted the land to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company later that year.

Since as early as 1810, the lot seems to have been the site of a pottery. The business changed hands several times, and, until 1873 when William Galloway of Galloway and Graff potters purchased the lot, the pottery’s operators were primarily tenants, rather than owners, of the lot. By 1874, Galloway had expanded the business, having rented the eastward lot (1723 Market Street) from Richard Wistar as a stable and kiln yard. The pottery building was destroyed sometime between 1889, when William Galloway sold the building, and 1890, when the Pennsylvania Railroad Company opened a new freight depot on the site.

The 1861 Taylor watercolor depicts the pottery when the lot was owned by James McGee and the business operated by Owens and Tilton, Earthenware Manufacturers (a version of the firm seems to have occupied the site from approximately 1850 to sometime between 1865 and 1868). According to the 1860 Hexamer Atlas, the pottery was a frame building with brick exterior. A three-story section fronted Market Street, and then the building dropped back to two stories, followed by an open court. On the other side of the court was a three-story back section bordering on Jones Street.


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