Sketches of Philadelphia in 1861:

Watercolors by Taylor

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Timeline for 2000 Bock of Arch Street from 1813-1874


From left to right: 2008, 2010, and 2012 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Watercolor by Taylor (1861). Image courtesy Winterthur Museum.

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Date Owner Building/Lot/Event Source



Grantor: Anthony Cuthbert and John M. Jones

Grantee: Edward Randolph


March 18, 1813: Sale of property and five contiguous frame dwellings

Deed book: IC23 p. 472





Grantor: George and Richard Randolph for Edward Randolph (deceased)

Grantee: Jacob and Margaret Justice



July 11, 1839: Sale of property and framed dwellings/ tenements





Deed book: AWM57 p. 123











Indicates row of five two-story frame dwellings.

Hexamer and Locher Atlas 1860, Volume 2.

1861   Watercolor sketch by Taylor of three unidentified homes.

Winterthur Archives

1863   March 24, 1863: Sketch by David Johnston Kennedy of three unidentified homes on the south side of 2000 Arch Street. Castner Collection Vol. 1 p. 9. Free Library of Philadelphia






Grantor: George R. Justice, wife, and others

Grantee: Samuel Bunting



Property sold on September 23, 1863
Property willed to the five children of Jacob Justice (deceased)




Deed book ACH 126 p. 91









Agreement between Samuel Bunting
and Joseph Mulvaney



September 28, 1863: Mulvaney purchases entire block for $31, 666.66 and agrees to build 7 brick dwellings on 7 lots.




Deed book ACH 108 p. 372






Grantor: Samuel Bunting

Grantee: Joseph Mulvaney


September29: Property sold.

Bunting had purchased the entire block from:
May 1, 1863: William Bucknell and wife
May 26, 1863: Frederick Christman
June 1, 1863: Theordore F. Thomas, son and wife
June 22, 1863: Oliver Parry and wife
June 23, 1863: Juliana Randolph
June 23, 1863: Rebecca Randolph
September 17, 1863: James Harken and wife
September 23, 1863: George R. Justice and wife
September 22, 1863: Margaret Randolph and others
September 23, 1863: Edward Moyer
September 23, 1863: Richard and Mary Randolph

Deed book ACH 108 p. 376



Grantor: Joseph Mulvaney

Grantee: William Jenks


October 3: Sale of property and 4-story brick dwelling


Deed book LRB 88 p. 64

Transfer Sheet for lot 1N12155





1874   Houses are gone; replaced by brick dwellings; building distribution and footprints have changed. G.H. Jones & Company Map of Philadelphia, Vol. 3, 1875.
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