1701 N. Jefferson
Survey of the Property of George [T?F?] Craig
Made by the undersigned and reported to The Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co.

(Page one is a fill-in-the-blank survey of the property, dated December 10, 1886; transcribed below is the second page attachment providing further detail of the property)
SOURCE:  The Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Transciption of  Second page:

Parlor has folding doors to hall Oak and Walnut, Parlor finished in walnut with mantle of walnut and tiles & walnut shutters to front windows – American plate glass in windows, 1 centre gas fixture 6 [burners?] – 1 [hack?] of 3 [burners?]. – Papered walls & ceiling –

Vestibule Tiled floors – walls tiled and papered  Doubledoors with beveled plate glass and colored glass.—Hall of Oak finish. – Stairway Oak and polished floor pine. – closet under stairway.

Dining room  doubleglass doors to Hall.  Oak doors. – 1 to Kitchen 1 to the back stairs. – 1 corner closet 1 closet under stairway.—Baywindow on East side – with Oak side board set in half way up.—Oak and tiled mantel on west side. – Upper windows colored glass – sliding inside shutters of oak.

Kitchen  finished in pine 1 door to cellar 1 to back porch, 2 windows with 2 lights each. – 1 dresser – 1 range – sink of Iron galvanized – stairway to cellar. – Porch back of kitchen & privy built at west end of porch – Furnace in cellar 2 coal bins in arches – 1 ash bin – ash pit under kitchen.

2”story Front. – 3 windows front 1 looking out on small portico – over frontdoor.  Upper lights colored glass edges. – lower plate 34x34  7 inch window sills.—

2 wardrobes or closets with beveled mirrors in  -- 2 doors to each closet.—1 stationery [sic] washstand between them – marble top. – 1 Door to Hall [or?] to back room. – 3 gas fixtures 1 of 3 lights  2 of one light each.—

2” story back. – 1 corner closet – 1 window back—Door to Hall and Door to bathroom – down 3 steps. –

Bathroom. – stained glass and frosted window – Stationy [sic] washstand marble top.

Water closet (flush) & washtub. – closet by steps to bedroom  1 door to Hall.—

Library – Double Oak & glass door from hall. – Baywindow back with 4 windows.—2 side windows – Oak mantel – open fireplace – beveled mirrors in mantel. – room 10ft high. – 2nd floor finished with Oak

3” story front. – stationery [sic] washstand and closets built in – double doors.

3 windows front, door to hall, back room, closet by the door-in hall. –

backroom 1 window back – 1 corner closet – door to hall.—

3 rooms in back building  3 [2 overwritten with 3] closets. – 4 windows.

Five rooms all together on 3d floor. – a colored skylight for ventilator [sic] over stairway.

Back buildings in second story  3 steps lower than front buildings.—stairway of Oak – and pine. – all rooms papered in [seems to be twos overwritten by ones?]  1”x 1” floors – and 3d floor.

This is the first house on the North side of Jefferson Street west of seventeenth St. – that faces South on Jefferson Street.