Architectural Aberrations

From Architectural Record

ArchitecturalRecord, I (January – March, 1892), 261-264
Architectural Aberrations
No. 2, The Record Building, Philadelphia

ArchitecturalRecord, III (October – December, 1893), 207-210
Architectural Aberrations
No. 9, The Hale Building [The Keystone Bank], Philadelphia


New York Times

The Cowles-Hale Shooting Case, New York Times, September 4, 1890

Montreal, Sept 3 - Eugene H. Cowles, who arrived here last Spring, followed
by his wife and brother-in-law, C.C. Hale, and was shot by the latter, is
again in this city, preparatory to the opening of the trial of Hale on a
charge of attempted murder, which will be begun on Thursday next.  Cowles is
not now as inclined to let Hale go free as he was when he voluntarily
surrendered his child.  He has entered suit against his father-in-law E.B.
Hale, and his brother-in-law, Willis Hale, claiming damages of $100,000 from
each for conspiracy to break up his family, ruin his reputation, and cause
his death.


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