Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
HSPV 05-600. Historic Documentation
Fall 2005, Mon, 9:00-12:00, Meyerson B13
J. Cohen,

Course Calendar


  12 Sept..
Intro, course goals, approaches, org.
"Streetscapes" exercise
sources in Streetscapes
TMI, interest?
sources 1: architectural process docs: dwgs, PAB.
Phila. Rdgs.week 1: read, report, and bring,w/ laptop.
Familiarize with [PAB].

[Taylor watercolors, 1861]
[Phila street panos]

[web-soup starter]

19 Sept.
rdgs disc./ Phila hist geo
website making, mark-up rdg report.
sources 2: more
project 1: places

Read "Evidence of Place" article
Familiarize with [PiT].

Website Review: Find comparable place-history/resource websites, build webpage with link and brief description for discussion on 3 Oct.

  26 Sept.
Visit A: Free Library Map Collection
9:20 am,
20th & BF Parkway

Read Moak, Research.

Examine 04-600 deed research projects.

  3 Oct.
discuss websites reviewed [webrev.html], workshop on projects
Exercise: Building mentions in Newspapers, by decade
  10 Oct.
Visit B: HSP,
1300 Locust Street, 9:20am.
  project 1 posting 17 Oct.
project 1 presentation, feedback
feedback from 3
  24 Oct.
 project 1 final revision, on CD. 31 Oct.
discuss project 2 ideas
Historic Nomination processes: Read NR bulletins, nomination.
  7 Nov.
Visit C: Phila. Historic Commission
Room 576 City Hall, 9:20 am
history applied: certification and public purpose
Phila. rdgs.week 2: read, report, web'it.

 project 1 links
project 2

14 Nov.
Visit D: Nat'l Archives, Phila Branch
901 Chestnut St., 9:20am
  21 Nov.
Visit E: Library Company of Phila.
1314 Locust Street, 9:20am
 Thanksgiving Break 
  28 Nov.
 project 2 posting 5 Dec.: last class
project 2 presentation, feedback
feedback from 3
Links to drafts of project 2
[most req pwd and access to Penn webfolders]
12 Dec.
 project 2 final revision, on CD, by Dec 19. 19 Dec. Exam week

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