Public Ledger
The Pennsylvanian
North American and Daily Advertiser
The United States Gazette
February 25, 1840 - February 28, 1841 September 26, 1840 Thursday, January 16, 1840 Saturday, September 26, 1840

This newspaper was more of a social commentary and did not include really any
information at all regarding new buildings are architectural history.

ŻAny mention of buildings was relegated to the classifieds regarding rooms to be

There appeared to be a growing immigrant population, so therefore
that is probably one of the reasons so many rooms were available to be let out.

There is a lot of information and advertising for transportation, particularly of different railroad train companies. There were also merchant advertisements for markets, stores, mortgages, life insurance, horses, fire insurance, printing, clothing, wine, pianos, church services, hair tonic, maps, coal, food (candy), etc.


There are also a lot of advertisements to sell or rent property. There was even an advertisement for George Smith, a recorder of deeds. Advertisements selling property with buildings generally include a brief description of the structure, description of property lines, and mention of building specific details including materials and costs. There are also 'Wanted' advertisements of buildings in specific areas downtown.

The paper also included democratic news including information about Martin Van Buren and upcoming elections. In addition, there were accounts of a murder, arrest of burglars, court (law) proceedings, appeals, slavery issues, marriages, deaths, stocks, amusements (theatres), wards (political meetings) and sales by auctions.

The paper was published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The weekday papers contained much of the same format and general information and advertisements as the weekend paper.

Searching through issues of this paper, it is easily recognizable that
advertisements are the focus

News tends to be in small bi-lines or as
transcriptions of political speeches.

Nonetheless many of the advertisement5s
and classifieds refer to specific real estate and property.
One advertisement lists seven separate properties.

ŻEach building's address is
listed as well as a description of the site.

This ad lists buildings such
as 'a three story brick Store and Warehouse '27 feet front and 93 feet deep.'

Also listed is a three story dwelling with 'WC' and marble mantle as well as
lots yet undeveloped.
Helpful as well is the listing of properties under Specific Auction Houses.
This information could lead to research of the Auction Houses for possible
transaction information and additional property listings.
While the paper lacks news articles, its listings of advertisements and
announcements can be useful in identifying the lineage of property and allow
for further research.

This issue mostly included real estate advertisements revealing exchanges in property and descriptive language from the 1840s

Some excerpts are as follows:


Frame building in Northern Liberties for sale

'Maps, &c.

Tanner's Maps and Geographical Maps 32 South 6th St.

Golden Swan Hotel Revived

No. 69 North Third Street taken over by Henry Lauer

Every portion has undergone complete cleaning

Notice to Owners of lots in West Philadelphia

Between Market and William Streets residents are required to grade, curb, gutter, and pave the footway of their respected lots

Houses for Sale or Rent

These advertisements often described properties as 'desirable dwelling house'

One advertisement for the 'American House' welcomed businessman & merchant boarders, especially from abroad.

Nicetown Village was being developed at this time also.

This really gives one a sense of what was happening in the urban landscape of the urban landscape of the city during a very narrow time period 'down to the day!