"North American" (Sept 26th)
This daily paper serves as a general source of current events, politics, and large sections of local ads. It also has weekly features, including one every Wednesday entitled "Real Estate and General Building News" that could prove helpful for research. The column is small and brief but lists news and events relating to properties and buildings deemed noteworthy in Philadelphia and the immediate suburbs. Occassionally, the paper also generally discusses architecture (demolitions, fires, etc.) on a national and international scale.

"The PHiladelphia Evening Post" (Sept 26th)
Sight Destroyed in Gas Explosion Oliver Irwin thrown 20 feet when trying to light a pilot light. The building was damaged but the fire was extinguised in time not to destroy.
The Fronthead Apartments (real estate section) Now Open, Albert Meltz, manager

"The Philadelphia Record" (Sept 30th)
Church corner stone laid for the New Church of Attornment by Bishop Whitaker. The impressive ceremonies were participated by clergymen from the Church of Attornement. City made like Utopia. The news was about Seaside rivals. South Wharves, Philadelphia Terminus Pier 24 was planned. The news about Railroad YMCA work got completed and the completing details of the Penn Railroad Branch was listed in the article. (Oct 1) News about the store openings by Lit Brothers was listed and the perspective views of the building were also given.

"The Philadelphia Inguirer" (Sept. 26 1900) Real Estate Section
Builder W.A. Hurlock and Son submitted plans for new passanger station at Wayne Junction to cost $44,000. It will be a brick structure measuring 21 X 70 ft. Wilson and Bros. will be the architects.
Owner J.B. Yanderslice secured permit to build seven houses and two stores to cost $35,500. The homes will measure 18 X 50 ft. located on the NE side of Germantown Ave. between Uber and 20th street. Each home will be three stories and be heated by hot air.
Also included a list of all permits granted yesterday, September 25, 1900.