1940 Newspaper Review

The Evening Bulletin
September 1940
The front page focused on national news and significant local news such as natural disasters. Within the paper in sections "D" and "E", there were real estate listing for buying and selling specific properties. There were often small editorials on renovations to existing buildings (large commercial), updates on WPA projects, or local news about a Philadelphia site. There wasn't a designated section focused on buildings -- the articles were lumped together with other local and regional news articles. There was at least one relevant article per day varying in length and subject matter.

The Philadelphia Record
September 26, 1940
While the paper has daily sections on real estate - including listings of homes for sale, and an occasional mention of significant sales - there seems to be very little local reporting about neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The paper is dominated by national stories, such as the war and 1940 presidential election. Local reporting seems confined to society news, helpful hints on manners and recipes.

Philadelphia Independent
September 1940
This newspaper was mostly focused on social issues, namely in the African American Community of Philadelphia. Most of what was reported were local news stories, and little to no information about architecture or specific buildings could be found.

Central City News
This very short newspaper focused on local social issues. Only a few stories were devoted to social events happening in the city, one or two national news events, and the rest was filled with local gossip, sports, and advertisements. Nothing was to be found on the urban environment, architecture or buildings.