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Watercolor by Taylor, 1861
Despite extensive research, limited information was found on this property. Documented information was found on the location in the form of property owner lists, maps, directories and other records. The earliest record found dates to the 1795 city directory of Philadelphia found at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The directory indicates that the lot was owned by William Ogden, an innkeeper, and the address was then 222 instead of the present 500. The Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co. Policy 6:3927 shows an insurance survey of the property on November 6, 1839 for the ownerČŢS.E. Fotterall, who ran the property as a tavern and dwelling. Though we were unable to attain the survey, it can be found at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Taylorĺ─˘s watercolor shows a sign in front of the building with two keys and a name underneath; though difficult to read, the name seems to read W MCULLY. This name has not as of yet been found in any records on the history of the building. The 1897 Hexamer and Son map from the Philadelphia Free Library Map Collection shows that a photographer shop was on the site, but no information about this shop or its owner could be found.

The 1908 Smith map at the Philadelphia Free Library shows a change in the footprint of the structure and a new construction, probably the same seen in the 1959 photograph. A list of later property owners was found in the Department of Records in City Hall, but most of the document was significantly faded and deemed unreadable. The document indicated that on July 19th, 1920, the property was passed from Mary E. Hayes to John L. Longstreth. Interestingly, this document further shows the property again changed hands not even two weeks later on July 30th, 1920, from John L. Longstreth to Edward J. Longstreth by will, suggesting that John was perhaps either the father of Edward or of some immediate family relation and that John recently passed away after purchasing the property.

Some of the Sanborn maps found in the Philadelphia Free Libraryĺ─˘s map collection also gave property owner names. The 1908 Smith map shows the property owner as Catharine Russell, though her name cannot be found in the city directories. The 1923 Smith Map indicates that the property was owned by Joseph Schwartz and the building on the property was three stories tall and made of brick. The Philadelphia city directory of 1930 specified two different owners: Harry Crassrow, who sold bananas, and Morris Greenburg, who sold produce in general. A photograph taken in 1959 of the property shows what is likely the same three-story brick building, and the ground floor holds what looks to be a bar or restaurant.

Further information on the property was found at the Philadelphia Historic Commission, dating from June 30th, 1981, and indicating the erection of a series of seventy-nine attached residential structures, with commercial spaces as permitted in the district, enclosing 240 condominium dwellings by Larry Slass. No demolition date was given for the earlier building.

Southwest Corner of 2nd and Lombard Sts. October, 2005