4th and Lombard St.
Northeast Corner
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1860 Hexamer and Locher Map

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The 1860 Hexamer and Locher atlas plates at the Philadelphia Free Library show that there was a wood-frame store and dwelling with the address 431 South 4th Street. The 1860 Philadelphia city directory notes that Joseph Herriges, a segar [sic] maker, occupied the building. A deed dated February 8, 1865 was found at the Philadelphia City Archives that records the transfer of ownership of this building from The Orphans Society of Philadelphia to Joseph Herriges. This deed describes the building as a two storys [sic] frame buildings occupied by the owner Joseph Herriges. Because no record of the Orphans Society actually using the building can be found, and the 1860 city directory shows that Mr. Herriges had lived in the building for at least five years before buying it, one can assume that the Orphans Society only rented out the building before selling it. The 1865 directory gives information on another cigarmaker, Henry G. Heriges, spelled with only one r, who was most likely Josephs son. Henry G. Heriges owned another property on 4th St (1038 4th St.) In 1885, the lot was still recorded as having a wood-frame building, according to the Bromley &Co. atlas from the Philadelphia Free Librarys Map Collection. There were several other wood-frame buildings in the area of that intersection, which is interesting to note since the rest of the area held mostly brick strucutres. The property changed hands again from Joseph Herriges to Hannah Stoops and Sophia Smith et al, according to a deed from the Philadelphia City Archives that was entered in the log book on December 16th, 1886.

The next name in the chain of title, entered on January 8th, 1887, shows the transfer of the property ownership to Thomas Garrity, who was found later in 1890 city directory as a man in the liquor business. Thomas Garrity also owned the adjoining few properties to the north. According to the Philadelphia city directories, Joseph Keefe, a soap manufacturer, and John Gready, a candle maker, lived in two of these properties, and this can also be seen early on in the 1860 and 1874 maps. In 1897, the Hexamer and Locher atlas at the Philadelphia Free Library indicate that the owner was still Thomas Garrity, but also that the structures on the lot had changed from wood-frame to several brick buildings.

On January 31, 1919, the property was deeded to Anna Garrity, Thomas Garritys widow, from newly-willed owners John F. Garrity and Helen, his wife, Joseph M. Garrity and wife Julia, and Lee E. Daly and wife Marie J. The 1930 city directory indicated that the building was vacant at that time. A deed identifies a shift in ownership from former owner Anna Garrity to new owners John F. Garrity and Joseph M. Garrity, her sons, on October 11th, 1937, which suggests Anna Garritys passing. According to newspaper records found at the Philadelphia Historic Commission, the buildings on the properties were torn down in 1964.

Northeast Corner of 4th and Lombard Streets, October, 2005