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A copy of the floor plan of the apartment building erected in 1954. This floor plan indicates the demise of several houses on Walnut Street including 2101. This apartment building now bears that address (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Historical Commission)

2101 Floor Plan

First floor: Front library, Drawing room, Pantry, Conservatory, Hall, Stair to second floor

Second floor: Hall, Green room of back building, Back bathroom, Pink reception room, Hall room, Empire room, Back room, Front room, Bathroom, Stair to third floor

Third floor: Bathroom, Front room, Backroom, Sewing room, 4 servant rooms, Trunk room, Bathroom, Linen closet, Hall

Cellar: Laundry, Serving dining room, Kitchen, Pantry, Hall, Annex Cellar

Annex: Suffer room*, Hall, Coatroom, Kitchen

*Nowhere on the document does it explain what a suffer room is.

A copy of one of the dozens of pages in the audit and a list of the rooms of the house for which there was a record of belongings (Courtesy of the Lippincott Collection located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania).