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Date: February 11, 1869
Source: Deed Book J.T.O 183 pg. 319
Grantor: Henry Ashurst and Elizabeth Ashurst
Grantee: Henry Gibson

Date: February 28, 1871
Source: Deed Book J.A.H 113 pg. 373
Grantor: Henry Gibson
Grantee: E. Burgess Warren
Notes: In McElroy's 1865 Philadelphia Directory, E. Burgess Warren is listed as a gravel roofer (p.703)

Date: February 28, 1872
Source: Deed Book J.A.H 224 pg. 104
Grantor: E. Burgess Warren
Grantee: Henry Lewis
Notes: Warren was a builder and Lewis a merchant. According to the deed, when the lot changed hands, "a two-story tenement with a mansard roof, and a two-story brick carriage house and stable" stood on the site.

Date: June 12, 1888
Source: Deed Book G.G.P 382 pg. 377
Grantor: Fanny H. Lewis
Grantee: Walter Lippincott
Notes: 2101 willed to Fanny H. Lewis by husband John Lewis in 1886. According to numerous City Directories located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Walter Lippincott and his family lived at 2101 from 1890 till shortly before his death in 1927.

Note: According to Polk's City Directory of 1930, 2101 Walnut Street had at some point between 1925 and 1930 been converted to apartments and ten individuals are now listed as living there. These residents are now more middle-class and have such occupations as dentist, and bookshop owner.

NOTE: Deed Microfilm is missing from the Department of Records for the years preceding 1981.

Date: April 3, 1981
Source: Deed Book 179 pg. 448
Grantor: Framers Workroom Inc.
Grantee: Framers Workroom Inc.

Date: August 18, 1994
Source: Deed Book 656 pg. 192
Grantor: Carl W. Schneider, Julie S. Berkowitz, and Eleanor Schneider
Grantee: Carl W. Schneider

Date: August 1, 1996
Source: Deed Book 53 pg. 193
Grantor: Carl W. Schneider
Grantee: Adam D. Schneider, Cara L. Schneider, Eric M. Schneider, Mark A. Schneider