Looking North from Front Street and Catherine Street as it appeared on August 8, 1967. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Historical Commission)
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778-86 South Front Street as it appeared in April 1977. It is still owned by J. Thomas Scott and operated as a Industrial Supplies business. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Historical Commission)
Watercolor by D.J Kennedy c. 1860s. Caption reads: Residence of Mr. George Ord 784 South Front Street above Catharine, He was born in and died in this house on January 24, 1866, aged 84. At his decease the family mansion unchanged as he knew it in his boyhood, no change in the furniture or outside appearance, He was for many years President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, an active member of the American Philosophical Society and other scientific and literary associations...House built in 1763. (This watercolor is held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
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